They say every journey begins by taking a single step. In knowing that to be true, Chance Michael Okonski decided to start taking his first steps in hopes that one day he would bring his visions to life from his hometown of College Station, Texas. Since then, Chance has begun making a name for himself as a multifaceted Entrepreneur, Designer, and Celebrity Stylist.


Stepping onto the fashion scene in his early twenties, Chanceโ€™s individualistic style and goal oriented soul influenced him to open the doors to his very first business in December of 2014. Named after his late grandfather, Kie Okonski, Chance used his creative vision to handcraft a curated selection of timeless menโ€™s apparel into what is known today as KIE Menโ€™s Shoppe. Since the storeโ€™s inception, Chance has established exclusive brand partnerships with some of todays leading retailers, landing KIE onto the pages of countless fashion magazines and various reputable style blogs.


In the months following the Shoppeโ€™s opening, Chance would make another announcement, the launch of his own clothing brand, the KIE Kollection. Inspired by his southern roots, the brand would serve as the flagship line to his premium menโ€™s clothing store. Upon their release, the KIE Kollection quickly became a favorite of countless celebrities, Hollywood A-listers, professional athletes, and many more.

However, the success of his new clothing line would not end there. The following month, menswear blog, Attire Club, announced that the KIE Kollectionโ€™s accessories would make the list as one of 2015's โ€œTOP Holiday Gift Itemsโ€ for men. That same year, KIE Menโ€™s Shoppe would take home the coveted title of โ€œBest Menโ€™s Clothing Store.โ€ A title they would proudly hold onto until moving all operations online in 2018.


Apart from his evolving career as a Retail Entrepreneur, Chance has also gained attention as one of the Lone Star states up and coming "It-Stylist," dressing the likes of country music star Granger Smith, The Miami Heat, Andy Cohen, and various other Hollywood A-listers. As his client base continues to grow, his hard work and dedication growing his multiple businesses would not go unrecognized. In 2016, international menswear publication, InCompany Magazine, announced that Chance would grace the cover of their coveted fall issue as one of the 'Most Influential Faces' in mens fashion. 

Grateful for the continual support both his store and brand had received, Chance felt called to do even more with his creative talents, accepting the position as the new Co-Owner and Creative Director of Texas based media outlet, Maroon Weekly. During his time spent helping rebrand the weekly news publication, Chance would uncover something even more incredible than his new found career path. His passion for branding.


In August of 2017, Chance announced the highly anticipated launch of his Creative Agency, Chance Michael Designs. a boutique inspired brand agency fixated on helping businesses get the attention they deserve through brand development and innovating advertising. Aside from his many creative talents, Chance is also a published author, and the Founder of lifestyle blog, Fifteen Sixteen. His ability to convey a message through fashion has also given Chance the opportunity to be a rewardStyle influencer, accepting their highly coveted invitation to join their exclusive list of influencers in August of 2017.

Outside of Chanceโ€™s many passions, heโ€™s most dedicated to helping others. His charitable efforts have helped raise thousands of dollars for numerous non-profit organizations throughout the Central Texas area, including The American Heart Association, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Texas, Susan G. Koman Foundation, The Boys and Girls Club, and many more.

In January of 2018, Chance announced on the cover of The Aggazine that he would serve as the new President & CEO of Texas based non-profit, The Fashion Event. An organization very near to his heart.    

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