In today's world, image is everything and everyone wants the chance to be noticed. From innovative marketing concepts and branding strategies, to product development and retail consulting, Chance Michael Designs is your premier source when looking to turn your visions into a reality. 

Are you ready to start getting the attention you deserve? If so, continue scrolling to check out our list exclusive creative services.   


You only get one chance to make a first impression so make sure you do it right. Our innovative ideas and creative logo concepts are the key to making an impact on everyone you encounter.     

Vintage Weis

From a simple idea, to an actual product or concept, our eye for style and understanding of todays consumers can help turn your vision into a reality.

With today's consumers doing more than 80% of their business online, it's imperative to stand out in the online world. Our services can ensure that your brand makes a bold and powerful statement online with our unique and user friendly website designs. 

Curated Marketing

Be seen by the world with our upscale marketing strategies and fluid brand concepts. It's time your brand starts getting the attention it deserves.  

Chance Okonski has gained notoriety throughout his various fashion, branding and creative endeavors, affording him the opportunity to use his growing platform to connect businesses and brands with his audience and consumers a far. From being the face of up and coming clothing brands, to lending his expertise and name to international publications, Chance and his social media influence can help take your brand to the next level.   

Looking to become the best possible version of yourself? Is your business or brand no longer visually appealing? Let us change what others are saying about you with our award winning style and curated selection of image consulting services. 

Logo Creation

Engage with your following and become a social media influencer with our innovative ideas and vast knowledge on making an impact online.


An single image can say a thousands words, but a powerful one can speak volumes. Chance Michael Designs has worked with some of the industries best photographers, videographers and productions companies, allowing them to capture beautiful and engaging imagery that accurately reflects you and your brand. Start sharing the story of your business or product today with visually appealing photography that last a lifetime.  


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