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Every year it seems like within a blink of an eye another year has come and gone. The chapters in our novel have been closed and new ones begin being written. Our lives continue to evolve into something different and our present feelings become a memory of the past. The society we live in today is consumed with the day-to-day activities that we now call “life”. I don’t know about you, but I’m guilty of indulging in this activity more and more as the years pass. Whether it be within my career, or the everyday routine of just living life , we all fall victim to wondering where our time has gone. It's human nature to navigate forward down the roads of life, but is that really living? Or is that just existing? I often find myself losing sight of how precious our time on this Earth is and forget to relish in those valuable moments spent with the people we love. As I turned another year older this past weekend, I came to the realization that slowing down life to create memories with the people we care about, is when we really stop existing and start living. 

Earlier this month when I realized that my Birthday was quickly approaching I made the decision almost instantly to not celebrate it. Mainly because of the amount of time and energy it takes getting everyone together and hosting a Birthday event. Due to the cards life has so graciously dealt me this past year, the amount of free time I have has become smaller and smaller. Between the numerous projects I’m involved in and the many hats I have chosen to wear, I rarely get the opportunity to get together with all the people I care about under one roof. However, this year was a little different. The big man upstairs has continually blessed me with many incredible friendships that the opportunity presented itself. My friends all rallied together to host an incredible evening for my Birthday that was more than I could ever ask for. After it was all said and done with, I set down to write this Blog post and started to recap what my favorite moments were. I began to think how funny it was that something as simple as a Birthday, was the only excuse we need to all come together and connect. 

Something I’ve come to realize as I grow another year older (and hopefully wiser) is that the opportunity to get together with the people we all cherish is really a dime a dozen. It's something more valuable than any gift or any party you could ever host. The gift of being able to create memories while still here on this Earth is by far the best gift you could ever give someone. To everyone who reached out and wished me a Happy Birthday this past week...THANK YOU. To all the friends and family that made this Birthday so iconic...THANK YOU. To the loyal followers of my career and this Blog...THANK YOU. Your continual support and friendship has made for some killer memories this Birthday AND that my friends, is something that will never go out of style. 

Until next year….cheers! 

Chance Okonski

THE SONG: DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber - [Let Me Love You]

THE LOOK: Tee [ASOS] Jeans [Saint Laurent] Shoes [Dune Marlown]  

THE ACCESSORIES: Custom Day Date Rolex, David Yurman Bracelets, Infintiy Diamond Cuff & Ring all courtesy of [David Gardner Jewelers

FAT HEADS: Courtesy of Build-A-Head and my good pal Nick Colvin