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As a menswear blogger and clothing store owner, I'm always eager to discover and collaborate with like-minded brands. With that being said, I recently partnered with Australian based brand NEUW Denim, to start carrying a curated selection of their 2016 menswear line at my clothing store KIE. When I first originally met with them back in August of last year, I was honestly unfamiliar with the brand and style of clothing they offered. However, after viewing the collection in its entirety and seeing the quality behind each garment, I was immediately sold on the brand. Not only did I love it for myself, but for my store and customer base as well. It wasn't just the quality that had me sold, or even the visual appeal of the line, it was the purpose behind the brand that had me connected.     

Originally created as a denim only brand, NEUW was established in Nieuwlandstraat, Brussels with the idea to "revise vintage" concepts into modern day styles for both men and women. With influences ranging from James Dean to The Rolling Stones, Creative Director Pär Lundqvist set out to create a line of denim that was different than your traditional pair of jeans. His vision was to create something not only high quality, but durable. A brand meant to be worn with purpose, much like the iconic men before us.

After receiving my first shipments of NEUW into the store last week I began thinking to myself...what does it mean to where jeans with a purpose? We buy jeans to cover our bodies and to protect our legs right? Aren't jeans made durable for that reason? However, after thinking about Pär's original vision for the brand I soon realized that the clothing we wear, especially our jeans, serve a way larger purpose then we may think. Their purpose is to wear the scars and repairs of our journeys through life. Jeans tell the tale of the places we have been, the songs we have listened to, the people we have met and the lives we have lived. So I guess you could say jeans are really purpose built. They are the uniform of the rebel. The staple of those who chose a life less ordinary. A part of every sub culture, counter culture and youth movement. Jeans symbolize the spirit of purpose.

Before all this, I never thought of wearing clothes with a purpose. I was different then, but this is now. Now I am on my own journey. I am creating my own path. I am writing my own story. I've chosen to live a life less ordinary. 

I’m brand NEUW.



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