Never Look Back

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Growing up in Texas, my sister and I were raised on the sounds of classic country music. Whether it be in the car on the way to school with our Mom, or out at the ranch with our Dad, we grew up hearing the sounds of some of country musics greatest legends. As an adult I look back at some of those songs and realize now why my parents loved them so much. Besides having a good melody, they all seemed to deliver a message within their lyrics. Much different than some of today's music, you can tell that these artist lived through the experiences they spoke and sung about in their songs. 

After shooting this blog post I started my drive home and began shuffling through the presets on my satellite radio. After a few passes I stumbled across the song "Life's a Dance" by John Michael Montgomery. It immediately brought me back to those times in my youth, listening to the tunes of my parents favorite songs with my sister. After about four failed attempts at SnapChatting myself lip-syncing the lyrics, I began to actually listen to them and the meaning behind them. The first line in the songs chorus says, "life is a dance you learn as you go, sometimes you lead and sometimes you follow." Shortly after the song was over I began to think about that statement and how accurate it actually was. Life does have its moments of uncertainty and doubts, causing us to no longer feel in control. When we are not in control of our own destiny we stop leading and become followers.

Even though those lyrics seemed to have truth behind them, I kept asking myself if being a follower was such a bad thing after all? In our lives we all have moments where we are on top and moments where we need help back up from the bottom. Either way, the most important part of those experiences is not the position you find yourself in, it's the direction you are going after. Whether you find yourself leading or following, the best part about life's little dance is the option to continue moving forward and never look back. When you start to look back on your life, you will always see the mistakes and heartache, BUT when you look in the mirror today you can see lessons learned and the pride you have for yourself.

Be someone who never looks back. Be someone who grows from their past. Be someone that lives in the NOW.




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