The Campaign

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At times in life we have all found ourselves in situations where we can't find the right words to say to one another. Weather it be understanding the correct way to communicate with someone, or struggling to find the right way to express ourselves, we all yearn for our voice to be heard at some point. With that being said, sometimes it is easier to express ourselves visually as opposed to verbally. 

Using that same concept I set out on a journey to create what it means to be a KIE Guy.

That vision has now come to life and is known as #TheKIECampaign


Chance Okonski
Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you imagined.
— Henry David Thoreau

Special thanks to my incredible team for helping bring my vision to life. 

Production Team: SMJ Productions

The KIE Guys: Clay Honeycutt & Trevor King

Hair/Makeup: Versy Picone & VIXEN Hair Salon

Executive Assistant: Courtney Morton

The Looks: All available at KIE Men's Shoppe