KIE opened the doors to their first brick and mortar location in College Station, Texas with a vision and dream to create a place where men could find quality clothing and incredible customer service. An establishment that catered to any man looking to become the best version of himself. On December 13, 2014, Owner and Founder, Chance Michael Okonski, made that vision a reality. 

Since opening in the winter of 2014, KIE has made it's way onto several reputable blogs, graced the pages of international publications, and has even been seen on the backs of some of Hollywood's leading gentlemen. With established partnerships with some of menswear's leading clothing brands, KIE has become a trusted retailer of over 50 designer brands and growing, allowing them to offer a shopping experience like no other in the industry.

The brick & mortar location and the KIE brand continue to evolve into 2017, but still remain true to their humble Texas beginnings. In an effort to continue following their mission of serving others, KIE made the bold decision to move their brick & mortar location exclusively online. Their courageous choice to follow the e-commerce trend has now given the brand the opportunity to better serve the needs of their customers, not only in the United States, but world wide.

In December of 2017, KIE announced they would be designing an entirely new line for the KIE Kollection, with plans to launch online and in stores Spring of 2018. Outside of the shoppe's many accomplishments, their highly anticipated online store is set to open their e-commerce doors on 01.17.18, marking the beginning of yet another movement within the KIE saga.



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