Built on heritage and inspired by strong southern roots, The KIE Kollection embodies effortless style and is designed to fit the needs of both men and women. Handcrafted from all quality materials and designed with passion, every piece within the line exonerates confidence. Established in September of 2015 by Owner and Creative Director, Chance Michael Okonski, The KIE Kollection serves as the flagship line to its predecessor; premium menswear store KIE Men's Shoppe. Continuing on with tradition and his love for all things Texas, Chance set out to curate a brand for his store that offered unique yet timeless products and accessories. Each product Chance is inspired to create is handcrafted, designed, and manufactured  in the great state of Texas, giving it that 'Made in Texas' stamp of approval. 

Outside of the Lonestar State, The KIE Kollection has went on to achieve the stamp of approval from others, landing themselves inside the pages of international magazines, accredited fashion blogs, and numerous print and television campaigns. Their innovative designs and dedication to quality materials has also made them a fan favorite of various celebrities ranging from NBA All-Stars, to some of the industries biggest music and television acts. In 2016 international menswear blog Attire Club named the brands infamous Triple Wrap Bracelet one of their 'Must Have Holiday Items', praising the brand for still taking risk while staying true to creating valuable products.  

Since the brands inception three years ago, The KIE Kollection continues to evolve and make its mark on the fashion industry. With a mission to deliver unique and innovative products, Chance and the KIE team continue to stay true to the brands vision and their humble beginnings.

In January of 2016, The KIE Kollection released their Spring line to rave reviews and continues to add new and innovative pieces to each and every season. Their apparel and accessories can be purchased at KIE Men's Shoppe and select retailers world wide.


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